Artist Portfolio

Artist Photograph- Paola Lagunas at the opening night of her Debut Solo Show "El Viaje de las Mariposas" January 2023
Painting depicts a large cumulus cloud of colors of blue and gray with the center pink, in the cloud sits the figure of a woman with a simple flower growing on top of it, an eye cries on top of her.
"Llorar y Llorar" 2023
Translation: "To cry and to cry"
Acrylic on 11x`14" canvas
"Solo Quiero ser Libre" 2023
Translation: "I want to break free"
Acrylic on 24 x 24" Canvas 
Surreal Acrylic Painting, a giant cactus tree stands in the middle of the painting on a dessert during a sunset, the sky displays a full rainbow in the sunset, no cloud in sight, the cactus displays ancenstreal knowledge and between its branches two different scenes, a planting of a seed in one with rain over it, remiending one of the nature of things, and a butterfly fairy on the second watching a butterfly tree enjoy the nature of its leaves falling. a yellow and red daisy acts as the sun.
"Protección en las Espinas" 2022
Translation: Protection Between The Thorns
Acrylic on 20x28 inch stretched Canvas 
"El Portal Divino" 2022
Translation: "The Divine Portal 
Acrylic on 12x12" Stretched Canvas 
"Looking for a place to Heal" 2021
Acrylic on 16x20" Canvas 
"Sola en Casa" 2021
Translation "Alone at Home"
Acrylic on 16x20" Stretched Canvas 
Image of the air sings in their favorite place in the house: they sit in a living room in a pink couch, sorrounded by clouds, one coming in from a window, 13 in frames as pictures and one in the rug
"At home with the Air Signs:" 2021
Acrylic on 12x12" Canvas Paper 
"The Ground Crumbles Underneath Me" 2020
Acrylic on 24x30" Stretched Canvas 
 Image features a female body in the center with three cuts all which have lilies coming out of it.
"Garden Inside Me" 2019
Acrylic on 24x30" Canvas