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"Dreaming of Home” Fine Art Print

"Dreaming of Home” Fine Art Print

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“Dreaming of Home” 

12x12 Acrylic paint on stretched Canvas. February 2024

Theres a little story that my mom told me that my dad had gone to heaven which in spanish is "El Cielo" which is the same word for sky, to build a home for us to have somewhere to go when we transitioned. I immediately became obsessed with the sky, thinking of creator and my dad together when the sun rays would break cloudy days. Looking to the clouds for guidance, and inspiration daily. I imagined my dad living in the clouds, building us a house of clouds, similar to where Hercules was born in the Disney Movie. It was a thought that I had often as a kid, so much so that the first time I was on a plane I wanted to open a window and I wanted to stay there, in the clouds, I was sure I could hop from cloud to cloud video game style to find my dad, building our home. I told my mom "I have to check the progress in the kitchen" I always picture a house in the sky, in the most childish and healing way possible. 

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