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"Serenata En los Cielos" 2022 Original Painting

"Serenata En los Cielos" 2022 Original Painting

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"Serenata En los Cielos" Acrylic Paint on 11x14in Stretched Canvas 

"Serenata en los Cielos" is a painting that was started on Feb 2021 at the 20th anniversary of my dads passing. I took almost the entire year off from it before finishing it off on Feb 2022 just a year later under the same energy. Since I was a little girl, all of the stories that I heard about my dad were more of the things he loved, he loved Banda, animals, yellow roses, to carry beef jerky in his pockets for a snack. These are the stories that my mom would always tell me, and so my entire life I always associated yellow roses with him, and farm animals as well as the sounds of Banda Music. I was always drawn to songs by Vicente Fernandez and would think about my dad playing his guitar and learning the songs along.  

In this painting, I bring together the yellow rose that I always knew he loved along side the guitar, dance and movement I know he carried in himself. I Wanted to incorporate a spirit animal into the painting and immediately I knew that I wanted it to be a bee. In this particular painting, signifying the hive, working together in many parts for a bigger purpose. 

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