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"El Camino de los Sueños"12x12" 2022 Original Painting

"El Camino de los Sueños"12x12" 2022 Original Painting

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"El Camino Lleno de Sueños" 2022  Acrylic Paint on Canvas Paper 

Translates to: "The Road filled with Dreams"

Acrylic Paint on 12x12 Canvas Paper 

"El Camino Lleno de Sueños" was finished in April 2022, the month I got my Drivers Liscence!

Ive talked a little bit about my fear of driving on my social Media but its something that I have been working on for a really long time. Last year at the end of the summer my fiance asked me if I had any idea how I would go about getting my drivers license and I truly didn't.  I then asked my instagram if they had any tips on learning how to drive and two things were said that I did that day was sit in the driver seat for a second to visualize, and also started downloading a driving game that I was truly bad at, but soon after that I did start taking lessons with him and driving around a parking lot and the shipyard in alameda. It took 6 months from getting my permit to getting my license but i was so proud of myself for accomplishing what I did. To be honest, even to this day Im having a hard time believing it fully but I am lucky to know that now I know how to drive and I just have to get a little more comfortable. 

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