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"Ground Crumbles Underneath Me" 24x36" Original Acrylic on Canvas

"Ground Crumbles Underneath Me" 24x36" Original Acrylic on Canvas

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24 x 36 in 

Acrylic on 1 inch deep stretched Canvas 

The Ground Crumbles Underneath Me was created at the start of the pandemic, at a time when I was laid off from my server job and forced to sit still for the first time in a long time. Soon after that, a branch from a black walnut tree, California's largest tree, fell on our roof and caused numerous leaks inside the house. In this painting, I explore the concept of divine guidance and the idea that the universe has something bigger planned for us. The crumbling ground beneath me represents the uncertainty and instability of the moment, while the divine presence above symbolizes the hope and trust that can be found in surrendering to a higher power. This piece is a reflection on the importance of trusting in a greater purpose, even in the face of challenges and setbacks.

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