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"Protección en las Espinas" 28x22 in Original Acrylic Painting

"Protección en las Espinas" 28x22 in Original Acrylic Painting

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Acrylic on Canvas

28in x 22in 

Proteccion en las Espinas, is a reflection on the mental struggles and limitations that I have faced in the past year. Despite the challenges, I have found solace in returning to the earth, tending to it, and offering myself to it. In this painting, you can see a version of myself tending to a giant cactus tree, symbolizing the support and guidance of my ancestors who have appeared more and more in my life. Between the cactus, you will find hands helping to plant seeds, representing the growth that comes from the community. The second part of the cactus represents the past, with the many versions of myself depicted as leaves that have flown off, free. This work is a testament to the healing power of nature and the strength we can draw from our cultural roots, and a reminder that mother earth cares for each one of us undoubtedly, its crucial we care for her back.”

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